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20+ Examples of Thin Privilege


  1. You’re not assumed to be unhealthy just because of your size.
  2. Your size is probably not the first thing people notice about you.
  3. When you’re at the grocery store, people don’t comment on the food selection in your cart in the name of “trying to be helpful.”
  4. Your health insurance rates are not higher than everyone else’s.
  5. You can expect to pay reasonable prices for your clothing.
  6. You can expect to find your clothing size sold locally.
  7. You can expect to find clothing in the latest styles and colors instead of colorless, shapeless and outdated styles meant to hide your body.
  8. You don’t receive suggestions from your friends and family to join Weight Watchers or any other weight-loss program.
  9. When you go to the doctor, they don’t suspect diabetes (or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other “weight-related” diagnoses) as the first/most likely diagnosis.
  10. You don’t get told, “You have such a pretty/handsome face” (implying: if only you’d lose weight you could be even more attractive).
  11. People do not assume that you are lazy, based solely on your size.
  12. You’re not the brunt of jokes for countless numbers of comedians.
  13. Airlines won’t charge you extra to fly.
  14. You are not perceived as looking sloppy or unprofessional based on your size.
  15. You can eat what you want, when you want in public and not have others judge you for it or make assumptions about your eating habits.
  16. You can walk out of a gas station with a box of doughnuts and not have people yell at you to “Lay off them doughnuts, fatty!” (This actually happened to one of my friends.)
  17. People don’t ask your partners what it’s like to have sex with you because of your size.
  18. Your body type isn’t sexually fetishized.
  19. You’re more likely to get a raise or promotion at work than someone who is fat.
  20. Friends don’t describe you to others using a qualifier (e.g. “He’s kind of heavy, but REALLY nice, though”).
  21. The media doesn’t describe your body shape as part of an “epidemic”.
  22. You can choose to not be preoccupied with your size and shape because you have other priorities without being judged.

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Digital Tarot Reading. PDF and Print options available!

Hi :D

Remember when I used to read tarot on here? Well, I’ve completed an apprenticeship and am in my journeyman years and I’d love to try out this readings-via-etsy thing.

I’m offering just .pdf versions OR for a little extra, I’ll print it and send it to you with a fancy wax-seal-and-quill-pen-and-ink envelope.

All money right now is going towards a fund for my application to graduate schools across the country! Going for my MFA in creative writing so that I might become a professor.

Feel free to send me asks here if you have any questions or if you’d like a smaller, cheaper reading. I can always list something custom just for you.

Thanks for lookin’ ! —

K.M. Alleena

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Castiel's Insignia is AVAILABLE to order once again!

Hello all! I’m back from a creative stupor and I’ve opened up my shop once again. I have the ability to make a few more of these favorite necklaces, so order through the shop if you were waiting for me to get back. TUMBLR followers (and, well, people who reblog this) can use the coupon code [ REBLOG ] for free shipping.

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